Find Christopher Ponce 

My son William. A nicer young man you would never meet.

Here we are almost 3 years since Ponce killed William and there are still things that I wonder about.  These are just a few.  Tell me what you think.

Christopher Ponce's Employer Julie Weintraub at The Gold and Diamond Source called Mark Ober (the State attorney in HIllsborough County) a "Dear Friend".  The Weintraubs, Julie and Steve, employed more than one Ponce family member.  Christopher's sister Katherine did commercials for them. Another family member also worked there. There is a connection there.  I wonder how he got bail and I wonder why it was allowed to stand after his blood alcohol came back?  I wonder.  What do you think?

I wonder why a criminal defense attorney would contribute to the election campaign of a State Attorney?  Christopher Ponce's attorney, John Fitzgibbons donated to not only Mark Ober's campaign, but to Judge Lisa Campbell's campaign.  Who is Judge Lisa Campbell?  She is the Judge that let the bond stay and did not remand Ponce to jail after his blood alcohol test came back that he was drunk.  Is that curious? I wonder.  What do you think?

Mark Ober (State Attorney), "Dear family friend" of Ponce's employer and family friend,  also received contributions from Sherrif David Gee, the man who oversees the department that received the alarm that Ponce's ankle bracelet was removed at 7:14 am and did not go to the house to investigate until after 4pm.  He is also the man that did not get a warrant from Ober or anyone else for 4 days after Ponce's escape.  He thus had 4 days head start. I wonder.  What do you think?

Mark Ober also received a donation from Barbara Coleman, the prosecutor handling the case.  The same Barbara Coleman who did not make any objections to Fitzgibbon's motions.  When asked why she did not make any objections she stated, "If I object to every little thing then when the trial starts I may not get heard on objections then.  I don't want to come accross as being difficult."  I did not know that there was a shelf - life for objections.  Did I miss something?  I wonder.  What do you think?

There are other things that puzzle me too, but that is enough for today.  More to come.  What do you think?  Go to our contact page if you have other things to ponder about this case.  Did Judge Heinrich receive donations too?  Something to look up too.

I wonder about this too. Why is it that even after the police waited hours to show up at Christopher's mom's house, they never took cell phones or computers or checked security cameras. I know this because they told me they did not. I'm a layman and I know that that is police work 101. Right?  What do you think?

At the first hearing when they gave him bond I told the prosecuting attorney to ask the court to have him turn over his passport.  I knew then that this spoiled kid would run when he found out that mommy and daddy couldn't get him out of this one.  Problem is he did not turn in his passport to the court.  He turned it in to his attorney.  What?  To this day, nobody has actually seen the passport.  They just call Fitzgibbons and he says, "Oh yeh, I have it", and they let it go at that. Sound fishy? What do you think? I think someone actually needs to lay eyes on it.  Don't you?

I can't believe the attention that this page is now getting. I would like to pose a question to my visitors. Am I wrong to be angry about how the case is going? From the very beginning this case has been treated like just a minor case. The Sherriff's office takes hours to respond to Christopher's residence after his alarm goes off. When they show up, they didn't really do anything. They didn't collect the phones or computers. The first investigator said,"Don't worry Mr. Angel, I will have him back in jail by Friday,". Everyone has taken a cavalier attitude toward this case. I keep hearing the same old crap,"He will be caught, he will screw up again and we will have him." I do not want to wait for him to maybe "screw up". This case was blown from the beginning. Nobody fought this case. Christopher and his attorney got everything their way and no one even attempted to challenge. We knew that his family had money. You have to have money to hire Fitzgibbons. Why was bond set so low. I know that it is a bondable offense, but the bond should be high enough to be a deterent. His bond was set at family vacation level. When the blood alcohol test proving he was intoxicated came back, why did nobody say hey, your honor, the first judge said he would be remanded back into custody. No, we just stood there and said Oh, ok. What do you think? Should I demand a more professional approach? Am I wrong to feel this way? Should I be dissappointed by the lack of concern and urgency? Should those involved in the case be offended by my writtings?  What do you think? This is going to be a good book when it is all said and done.