Find Christopher (Chris) Ponce 

Find Chris Ponce

February 18, 2015

We are gearing up for the annual MADD fundraiser know as "Walk like MADD".  Anyone wanting to be a member of our team, or be a virtual walker, you can go to Go to our team name,  "Walking for William - AORN 1014" The walk is on March 20th on the University of South Florida campus. We will be set up near Alumni Dr and Leroy Collins Blvd.  The cost per walker is $25.  All walkers will get a MADD T shirt when they register at the event, but everyone on our team will get something from team William. Check in is at 5pm and the walk begins at 7pm. MADD has helped our family get throigh this tough time and we would like to help them raise money to help combat drunk driving.

January 26, 2015

Today I started a Gofundme campaign to raise funds for our search. Hopefully we will be able to raise enough to increase our search efforts.  Just because the Marshalls and the police have given up it does not mean I have to. I'm going to do even more if I can get the funding. Go to to learn more.  Thanks

January 24, 2015 

Well, we are officially off the radar now.  CNN ran the episodes that they like, (dead guys and guys on the run for 40 years), but this time they did not run the Ponce episode at 1am or pre-empt it. No, instead they did not run it at all.  When I found out that they were not going to run his episode last week I attempted to get in touch with the producer at CNN. I asked if they could possibly find room to run Ponce's episode again. My e-mails went unanswered. 

January 11, 2015

I cannot believe what I am witnessing.  CNN re-aired two episodes of "The Hunt with John Walsh of Shane Miller and Kevin Stoesser, (both of them dead) and when the episode for Christopher Ponce came at 10pm they went instead to a protracted coverage of Air Asia's black boxes.  They didn't' break in and say that they had found them, they had to use up the entire time slot with information that they have already gone over. This whole thing is getting very agravating.  Ponce's family is getting exactly what they want.  People are just giving up.  I don't hear from the US Marshalls any more, I don't hear from the prosecuting attorney any more, I don't hear from the victim's advocates any more.  I don't hear from the Sherriff's office any more. They don't re-air Ponce's episode any more, and when they do it is at 1am.

January 8, 2015

Another year.  There is going to be another airing of Ponce's episode on 1/11/15 at 10pm on CNN. Maybe this time someone will reccognize him. My plea for someone to come forward with information about Ponce's hobbies, likes, habits either fell on deaf ears, or this asshole really does not have any friends. You would think that someone who knows his parents or family would come forward to offer information.  But maybe they are just as big of an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ as him.  I bet they are. They probably do not have any real friends either.  I can't prove it, but I still think they helped him get away.  He's too lazy, high, drunk and stupid to do it alone.

Please forward this to everyone you know. Facebook people you know and tell them. Tell people that you know in other countries. Wherever he is there is someone living next door to him.  There is someone living across the street from him.  We just have to keep broadcasting his picture everywhere.  

December 31, 2014

After the re-airing of "The Hunt" episode, I just want to say a couple of things.  First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who contacted the site and have put us in your prayers.  Secondly, I want to once again ask the people who know Christopher Ponce to contact the site and tell us things that may help.  To this day, no one has come forward to let us know things like what his favorite hobbies are, what his favorite drink is, what type of clubs does he frequent, etc. etc....  You can keep your identity secret if you want or I will keep it secure if you wish. 

December 27, 2014

Today CNN will re-air the Ponce episode of "The Hunt with John Walsh".

I was very upset the other day to see that yet another drunk wrongway driver killed two people. At least when the reporter went to the drunk's door a relative said they were sorry for what happened. Ponce's family never did that.  They do not care about anyone but themselves. After we catch Christopher, they will pay for that. Not showing sympathy for a loss like that is very hurtful. That hurt will be returned. I hope the family who experienced such great loss gets the justice they deserve. Please do not let that monster out on house arrest too.

December 19, 2014

CNN will re-air the Ponce episode on December 27th at 10 pm. Encourage everyone you know to view it and share it online.  the more people that see it the better odds we have that someone will recognize him.  Wherever he is there is someone living next door to him. We have to get this in front of them.  We know that Christopher and those that know where he is are not the kind of people to do the right thing.  In fact, they don't know what those words mean. They are animals. Lets hunt these animals down.

December 10, 2014

The holidays just are not the same anymore. We still get not get into the holiday spirit without William there to enjoy it.  When I find Christopher he won't be happy anymore either. I hope he has a miserable experience in prison.

November 17, 2014

Two more scumbags are in the bag as a result of "The Hunt with John Walsh". TV show.  Child molester Kevin Stoeser received the only cure for pediphilia.  He was found dead in the woods.  Genevieve Kelly turned herself in today, giving in to the heat.  The list is getting shorter. The fugitive known as Christopher Ponce will get his day too.  It's just a matter of time.

October 14, 2014

I'm starting to get tired of spending all of my time on the coputer and never hearing what has come of it. You know the old saying about being a mushroom? Well, that's the way I feel.  I want to get more aggressive with this.  I think that the feds are all tied up looking for ISIS sympathizers and are too busy for looking for fugitives.

October 12, 2014

We went out last night with some of Williams friends to mark what would have been Williams 23rd birthday.  We went to their favorite bowling alley.  They used to go on Thursdays from 10pm to 1am to do glow bowling.  It was good to see Williams friends.  We put a picture of William on the table and we all bowled, ate pizza and talked about William.  This is the third year now that we have to talk about William in the past tense.  It sucks. I bet Christopher's parents send him his birthday presents in some secret fashion. Or contact him through third parties using phony names. I hope they trip up and the information leads to his capture. Once we can prove that contact, I will see them both in jail.  That's not a threat.  That's a promise!  The monster that they created and are helping will someday lead to their misery.  Their shame will happen very soon.  I hope that everyone sees this and figures out who his parents are and boycott their practices forever. 

October 4, 2014

I just have to verify some things and then I can let the world know.

October 2, 2014

This secret is burning a hole in my pocket.  I am just going to have to tell people.  This person derserves the humiliation. 

October 1, 2014


September 30, 2014

I have been trying for some time to figure out how I can let the world in on a secret that I know. It is killing me to know this and not tell anyone. I want to make sure people see the depravity and the self - serving nature of this person. I want them to see that this person does not care about the law. Soon I will figure out just how to explain it. I believe that people have to know.

September 28, 2014

It looks like "The Hunt with John Walsh" is now over.  We can only hope that the show is picked up for another season and potentially air the episode on Ponce again. With the two successes this season it looks good for another season. We could use more leads. He is not going to get away with this.

September 21, 2014

Another week.  CNN not rerunning the segment this week again.  No calls from anyone. I'm thinking that the effort that was made in the past is not being made now.  I don't hear from anyone in law enforcement anymore. I am going to have to step it up some more I guess. 

September 14, 2014

They just re-aired the episode of Christopher Ponce on CNN.  I am manning the web page fielding contact forms from viewers.  Thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers.  Each time this airs we are learning more about Ponce and his family. We are still looking for the places that Christopher liked to hang out at.  What is his favorite bar or bars.  His favorite nightclubs  etc...  In short, where can we go to find people who may have information.  They may not even know that it is important.  To them it may seem trivial, but put in with what we already know it could be just what we need to link everything together.  We are still looking and will always be looking.

September 11, 2014

Some people seem to think that Christopher Ponce is out of the country.  I think that he is too weak, as evidenced by his addictions, to leave the apron strings of Mommy.  He is like the baby that will not eat in favor of Mommy's milk.  He likes Mommy milk.  He would crawl back into the womb if he could.  He needs his Mommy, and his Daddy, and his Sissies to take care of him and clean up after his screw ups.  Even if they sent him away he would find a way to come crawling back. If he has a surrogate Mommy somewhere right now they will soon tire of this high maintenance baby. They will be the one to turn him in and collect the rewards.  He can't help but piss people off.  He is a taker.  He is  user.  He is an abuser.

The pictures to the left are that of Christopher (Chris) Ponce.  He is a repeat DUI offender.  On July 19, 2012 Christopher Ponce was driving drunk in the wrong direction on I-275 N. in Tampa Florida.  He hit the car of William Angel head on.  The impact killed William and badly injured his two friends in the car with him.  Somehow, Christopher was able to get bond and was placed on house arrest.  On May 9, 2013  after 288 days of house arrest, Christopher Ponce cut off his ankle bracelet and escaped. 

I am William Angel's father, and I am looking for information that will lead to the capture and prosecution of Christopher Ponce.  He may have changed his identity. Someone will be assisting him.  If you have any information please share it with us.  There is a reward set up for his capture through crimestoppers, and we are putting together another reward of our own. The U S Marshalls are also offering a $5000.00 reward.  Please help us find William's killer.  Christopher Ponce has had numerous violations in the past and will hurt or kill again if we do not get him off the street. He is charged with multiple offenses including vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter.   I will post additional information as I get it.  Thank you for your help.

September 9, 2014

William's birthday is coming up soon.  I really don't know how it will go this year.  I want to plan something but I do not know what. I already feel like a wreck.  This is not getting any easier.  We have to find this punk.  I want to see him punished.  I want to see the people helping him punished.  I am going to push real hard to make that happen.  I am going to take all of this pain that I have felt for the last 25 months and transfer it to them and never let up.  Why should we be the only one's suffering when they caused all of this.

September 1, 2014

It is common for someone who loses a loved one to say that they think about the one they lost every day. This evening I tried to think of just how many times I thought about William today. I could not even put a number on it. I think about him all the time, every day. I thought about the various conversations I had today and with whom, and each time the thought of William was there. I miss him so much. This is the time of year when all of the hunting shows start their new seasons and William and I would watch them.  Usually we would laugh and say yeh right!!.  That has to be a canned hunt or something because REAL DEER don't act like that!!  We would have a good laugh and then talk about strategies we wanted to try that year on our hunts.  It has been hard to even get psyched up for hunting season.  Wade Jr and I have started some new hunting and fishing things for us and that helps.  Fishing the canals in the everglades this year with him and my buddy Pete was very cathartic for me. This year we have'nt planned anything, (he is busy planning his wedding and I totally understand), but I will come up with something.  Maybe duck hunting.  

August 26, 2014

I recently heard from someone who knows Christopher well.  They would not give me a name or contact information (that's ok). They informed me that they spoke to him regularly while he was under house arrest. This person, (I don't even know if they are male or female), said that while Christopher was under house arrest he smoked pot and spice almost every day.  He could not drink because of the alcohol monitor so he smoked to get his buzz.  I have a question about that.  If he was not allowed to leave the house, then how was he getting his dope?  Was his mother getting it for him?  His Dad? His sisters?  A friend? There were others living there too.  Was it mom's boyfriend getting it for him? The boyfriends son?  Was it the person who contacted me and that's how they know? How in the world was this addict getting his dope, and why would any decent human being help him get it?  These people baffle me.

August 22, 2014

We are a little down now. CNN has stopped rerunning episodes and our number of contact forms have all but stopped.  We know that there are people out there that have information that we need in order to find Christopher Ponce.  It hurts to know that people would protect a piece of *&!! like Ponce. You would think that these people would want to do the "right" thing.  We are definitely not dealing with decent Christian people here. To them, doing the "right" thing is to try to get away with something instead of taking responsibility for it.  Update: I have been in contact with the producer of the show and he said he is working to correct that now.  Thank you!!! 

If there is someone out there who wants to do the right thing, please contact us. We are just hoping that someone in the know will do the right thing and turn Christopher Ponce in. He needs to be held responsible for his actions for once in his life. In the long run he will become a better man for it.  Right now he is not a man at all.

August 14, 2014

We are glad that CNN keeps airing reruns of their show.  Each time they do we get additional viewers who have not seen the show before. Each time it airs we get more contacts to this site. Our network is expanding. That's great. Everyone keep your eyes open. Our next phase of action is coming.

August 9, 2014

William was not with us last week to celebrate our 28th anniversary. We always celebrate with the whole family. Third anniversary without William. It's been a week since the show aired. It's hard not knowing what the Marshalls have received in the form of tips due to the show.  I hope they had some good ones. Thanks again to all of the well wishers who have contacted this site.

August 5, 2014

We have been very busy since the show aired.  Thank you to everyone who sent their prayers, showed their support and offered well wishes. Thank you also to those who offered information and tips.  We appreciate all of you. 

August 4, 2014

I have been very busy.  I was up all night after CNN showed the Christopher Ponce episode 4 times last night. I fielded several dozen         e-mails.  Mostly well-wishers. Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts, as well as your prayers. I hope the Marshalls get some good tips.  If you know something about Christopher's whereabouts please call "The Hunt" at 1-866-The Hunt.     1-866-843-4868

8 days after being on "The Hunt with John Walsh" Charles Mozdir is shot dead in New York.  Enough said.  Christopher will be featured this Sunday at 9pm

Another suspect  found dead.  Shane Miller from episode 1 on July 13th was found dead in northern California. 4 suspects aired 2 dead. That's one hell of a batting average.

August 3, 2014.

We just watched the episode on Christopher Ponce. I am getting many emails right now. A lot of well wishers but some are interesting. I bet the Marshall's office is getting even more because of the reward.

August 3, 2014

Two more interviews today and two more tomorrow live on CNN.  The exposure will be everywhere.  The Marshalls are in place at the call center, and we are ready here. Let's go get him!!!!!

August 2, 2014

More news coverage last night. We have more national and  international interviews on Monday morning after the airing of the show. I want to get some of the people who contacted the website who went to school with Ponce to do interviews.  They have said that he has a "creepy personality" We want them to explain how he acts around other people because he probably changed his appearance but will not change his behavior.  We also need any cell phone video that any of you have of him so we can use his voice recordings.  He won't change his voice.

July 31, 2014

My family is on pins and needles waiting for the show to air. Finally, the world will see what a piece of crap Ponce is. Everyone is ready. The US Marshalls have set up their call center, I will be manning the website for tips all night long and forwarding them to the US Marshalls. We are ready!  Hopefully we will have a quick capture on him too.  Don't run or fight them Christopher!!!  You've seen what happens to scumbags who do that. 

July 30, 20114

Check out the CNN link to see the expanded update.  This should be the angle that will be taken on the segment.  We have not been given a preview so we are not sure how they are going to present it.  We are on pins and needles.

July 29,2014

I woke up at 5:15 am this morning and turned on my computer to check the website as I do every morning. I was shocked when I saw a notice from the host server that my incoming mailbox was almost full.  I opened it up and found 374 contacts to our website.  All of them between 8pm and 1am.  Some were well wishers, most were people who were upset that I gave in and took down my previous posts.  Some told me that I have a right to speak my mind and others said that I had to have someplace to  "Get things of my chest". I responded to each one.  It took hours. I actually had to create a word document and cut and paste it for my response just to save time.  I am embarrassed to tell to you all that I used a stock response, but I mean every word of it.  I am touched that so many people are keeping track of our site. You brought tears to my eyes with some of your touching comments. Thank you so very much for your support.  Please tell everyone you know about the show on Sunday at 9pm.  If you know someone in another country, please let them know as CNN is worldwide. 

July 28,2014 

On July 19, 2012 my wife and I lost our son William.  It was the most painful day of our lives.  That pain and suffering continues to this day. Today July 28, 2014, I experienced the most pain and anguish that I have since that day. I have removed many of my posts.  I apologize to anyone who felt threatened by my use of words in my search for MY SON'S KILLER!!!!!!!!  I guess my grief stricken, but cathartic outpouring on my own website must be trumped.  Please, If my pain and anguish upset you, fell free to STOP READING IT!!!!!!  How dare you act like you're the victim!!!    

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yesterday was two years since the crash.  My wife and I watched CNN's "The Hunt with John Walsh" tonight.  We can't wait until August 3rd when they air Christopher Ponce.  We are telling everyone we know to put it on their facebook page to watch "The Hunt with John Walsh" on CNN, August 3rd at 9pm.